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New author-Evan

Hello penguins,my name is Evan I’m a new author to Alvin’s CPPS  news.I will be posting weekly or daily,here’s some info about me….



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Well that’s it.

Penguin World v2 Vanishes!

Hi guys,

Penguin World v2 has just been released out of beta testing mode to the public a few days ago, which their website was ‘’. Today when I was going onto their site, I noticed this:

Well, Yesterday I was speaking to the Owner ‘Logan’ and he told me about a game he was creating. He was looking for coders & designers, so this must be ‘Blob Land’. The odd thing about this is that the blog, play page, register and other elements of Penguin World have vanished by having ’404 errors’ replacing the pages. The staff and users must be confused, and we are very unsure if Penguin World will be returning.

Any further Questions or Comments? Let us know! We will pass it on to Logan.

Kind Regards,




I found A new Cpps called “ServCPPS” owned by “iCPblog” 😀

It’s a really cool Cpps and I strongly recommend it. I really hope you join today! Guess what? Even Aunt Arctic comes by to say Hello to her fellow users.

Here are a few pictures:

The Stadium/ Ice Rink:

The bot:

The customized E.P.F Phone:






– Alvin

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