Penguin World v2!

Hello guys,

I have recently found a new awesome CPPS. This cpps may be the best Cpps ever. It’s called: “Penguin World v2“.The owners of the game are “Logan” & “Rosa”.

I really hope that you will come and join this amazing cpps. PWv2  has already gone through it’s beta testing stage, and now is available for the public, and almost every room is custom.

Here is some pictures of the custom rooms:

The Night Club which is themed ‘Black and yellow’ along with some custom music:

The Dock which is themed a sunflower garden:

The Ice Berg, which is a ‘Swag’Berg:





I hope you join today,

– Alvin

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About alvinlol

I am 15, & I like playing Cpps's. I also like playing Xbox,Chilling with my homies,And eating pie xD!I ♥ blogging to,I have tons of experience in it. My fav. food is pizza & pie xP,My fav. color is purple. Well thats all I got to say,Peace! ~Alvin

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