Penguin Fresh!

I found A new Cpps! It’s awesome with alot of custom rooms,The owners are Eddie82,Sesh,Slider,And Sparky. Well I hope to you join, It will be fun to meet you around the island!

The Town:

Snow Forts:





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About alvinlol

I am 15, & I like playing Cpps's. I also like playing Xbox,Chilling with my homies,And eating pie xD!I ♥ blogging to,I have tons of experience in it. My fav. food is pizza & pie xP,My fav. color is purple. Well thats all I got to say,Peace! ~Alvin

2 thoughts on “Penguin Fresh!

  1. Whitlyn

    Hay I was wondering if they just don’t have many items registered yet? cause I was looking for a ton of stuff and they said “item is not available” well, from what I can tell, this is a pretty neww CPPS..


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