Room Id’s

CPPS Room ID’s

Tip: To find items faster, press Ctrl F and type in a keyword of the item you want, and it should be easier to go through the list.
ID: 110, Name:  Coffee Shop
ID: 111, Name: Book Room
ID: 120, Name: Dance Club
ID: 121, Name: Lounge
ID: 122, Name: Plant
ID: 130,  Name: Gift Shop
ID: 200,  Name: Ski Village
ID: 211, Name: Everyday Phone
ID: 220, Name: Ski Lodge
ID: 221, Name: Lodge Attic
ID: 230, Name: Ski Hill
ID: 300, Name: Plaza
ID: 310, Name: Pet Shop
ID: 320, Name: Dojo
ID: 323, Name: Epf HQ
ID: 330,  Name: Pizza Parlor
ID: 340, Name: Stage
ID: 400, Name: Beach
ID: 410, Name: Light House
ID: 411, Name: Beacon
ID: 420, Name: Rockhopper’s Ship
ID: 421, Name: Ship Hold
ID: 422, Name: Captain’s Quarters
ID: 423, Name: Crow Nest
ID: 800, Name: Dock
ID: 801, Name: Snow Forts
ID: 802, Name: Ice Rink
ID: 803, Name: Head Quarters
ID: 804, Name: Boiler
ID: 805, Name: Ice Berg
ID: 806, Name: Cave
ID: 807, Name: Shack
ID: 808, Name: Mine
ID: 809, Name: Forest
ID: 810, Name: Cove
811, Name: Box Dimension
ID: 812, Name: Fire Dojo
ID: 813, Name: Cave Mine
ID:814, Name: Hidden lake
ID:815, Name: Underwater Room
ID: 816, Name: Water Dojo

List will be updated frequently


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